Tuesday, 2 December 2008

DS top selling Games - what's hot

The DS top ten sellers

1. Puzzler Collection
2. Peppa Pig: The Game
3. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia
4. Mario Kart DS
5. Imagine: Teacher
6. More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain
7. Junior Brain Trainer
8. Brain Training: Dr Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain
9. What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver
10. New Super Mario Brothers

Nintendo DS - Top Selling Titles - Play.com (UK) - Free Delivery

The top seller is going to be a classic for everyone who loves puzzles like Crosswords, Sudokus and Wordsearchs
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Set four profiles and monitor performances
  • Over 2,000 puzzles
  • Features Fitword, Crossword, Sudoku and Wordsearch
  • Game modes:
  • Tournament - Complete puzzles to become a Puzzle Master
  • Quick Blast - Tell the game exactly how much time you have to play, and you will be set a number of challenges
  • Simply Puzzle - Pick any type of puzzle you want, at a difficulty level: no scores, no timers - just puzzles
  • Fast & Fun - Everything is played against the clock for added tension
  • Head-to-Head - Two-player challenge - fab for when friends are visiting!

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