Saturday, 15 November 2008

Deal or no deal the banker is back

If you're a big fan of Deal or No Deal (And who isn't - that poor bloke yesterday dealing at 9k when he has the 250k in his box!) then you'll love this game

Deal Or No Deal: The Banker Is Back : Nintendo DS - Free Delivery

Endemol's award-winning TV game show 'Deal or No Deal' is back on Nintendo DS. The Banker Is Back is the sequel to the successful Deal Or No Deal.

Following the TV quiz show format, each box contains an amount of money ranging from 0.01p to £250,000 but no one knows for sure which one contains what prize. The player must open each of the boxes in any order per round. The Banker will make a monetary offer for the player's own, still unopened box. The player can choose to accept the offer for the box and "Deal" or choose "No Deal" to continue to play in the hope of a better offer later or more valuable prize when they open their own box.

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