Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Zoo keeper - very addictive game

Connect a row of 3 or more of 1 animal to clear them - this is such a simple game that you'll be addicted before long. Several types of play including quests which are tricky (especially the one of each type!) and then the timed round which is a great quick way of passing 6 minutes of your life.
Multi play it too and get cross with each other as you fight to win!

Zoo keeper DS game
This is a simple puzzle game like the online popcap games that people seem to love (diamond mine sort of game) and is really fun to play.
Addictive and entertaining.

Using the Touch Screen, players tap the Nintendo DS stylus to swap the positions of animals on screen to create lines of three or more of the same type. These animals are then "captured", allowing other animals to fall into their place. This easy to pick-up and intuitive system is complimented by a unique look designed by the popular the Japanese developer.
Zoo Keeper includes a variety of play modes to ensure gamers have depth of gameplay. Players can also take advantage of the DS Wireless Communication to play simultaneous two-player modes that only requires one Nintendo DS Zoo Keeper Game Card.

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