Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Nintendo DS tips book

Book about DS -
Ultimate Nintendo DS, v. 3 : Books - Free Delivery
This is the UK's only dedicated tips publication for All Nintendo DS gamers. It is fully updated with all the best DS and DS Lite games. It includes full guides and complete solutions to such amazing games as: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl; Sonic Rush Adventure; Cooking Mama; Nintendogs Labrador & Friends; Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2007; Final Fantasy III; More Brain Training From Dr. Kawashima; Animal Crossing - Wild World Pokemon Ranger; and many, many more! Do you own a Nintendo DS or DS Lite and do you want to get every penny of value from your games? Still can't catch 'em all on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? Has Dr. Kawashima got you feeling a little silly and you want to improve your Brain Age? Can't seem to teach your Nintendog new tricks? Are you lost in the Wild World of Animal Crossing? Finding Yu-Gi-Oh too much of a challenge? Want to beat your friend's top score? If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes!', you are looking at the solution right now!"Ultimate Nintendo DS Volume 3" is the high value low priced publication for all DS owners, from young to old, from the new owner to the experienced gamer, we have worked extremely hard to ensure that you will not only get 100 percent from this book but also your entire DS gaming experience! From our massive comprehensive and fully updated for 2008 A to Z of hints, cheats and tips for all the best Nintendo DS and DS Lite games to the massive guides to the greatest gamers around, you simply can't afford to miss out. So make sure you don't! At last you have the guide to Nintendo DS gaming you have been looking for, so why look elsewhere! "Ultimate Nintendo DS" is 100 percent Nintendo DS and 100 percent the Best! It contains more information with over 250 pages! It featuring over 18,000 cheats, hints and tips for all your favourite DS games!

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