Saturday, 15 November 2008

MySims Kingdom with Patchwork Top Unlock

MySims Kingdom (with Patchwork Top Unlock)

MySims Kingdom (with Patchwork Top Unlock) : Nintendo DS - Free Delivery
  • Pre-Order MySims Kingdom from and receive a code to unlock the Patchwork Top item for your MySims. Instructions on how to claim this offer will be email week of release.
  • Epic Storyline: King Roland needs your help to revitalise his kingdom! Can you join forces with the other MySims to bring it back to its former glory?
  • New Faces and Familiar Friends: Meet new MySims like King Roland. Then say hello to old friends like Ginny and Buddy who have both made career changes that will delight you!
  • Travel to New Lands: Traverse the vast and varied lands of the kingdom, each with its own unique theme. Discover all the unique things to do in each while you help its citizens!
  • New Building Options: In addition to houses and furniture you can now build many more contraptions that will help you finish your epic quest for the King!
  • A New Chapter to the MySims Kingdom Story: Help King Roland defeat the plans of evil in a far flung corner of the Kingdom. Nine new minigames to show your worth!

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